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This article will explain you to how to create Google Apps for website or android devices like Facebook apps and its usage. Google provides google apps for use its services in our websites. Google apps allow us to use its services such as Google Plus, Google login, Google maps, Google webmaster tools, Google analytics, Admin SDK, JSON Cloud storage and more. We can create google app in its API Console. Goto and follow the instructions..

Create app in google by asif18

Step 1: Goto and create project like below,

Create app in google by asif18

Enter your project name and click Create Project

Step 2: After that you will be taken to the Services tab like below,

add services in google apps by asif18

Set the status to On for the services which are all you need if you want Google SignIn in your website means On the Google+ API. You can select more than one and it will be added or can remove in future.

Step 3: After the click on the API Access tab, it will show like below,

register oauth2 client project by asif18

Click on the Create and OAuth 2.0 client ID.. button to create you Open Authorization client ID and client secret.

Step 3: After you click the above,

add branding information in google apps by asif18

it will ask you the Branding Information about your app and project fill the above details and click Next

Step 5: Finally Google API Console will provide you the App details like below,

google apps end by asif18

You will get the Client ID, Email Address, Client Secret, Redirect URI, Javascript Origins. We can the change the above details in future except the Client ID. The Client ID and the client Secret is must for your apps for using in your website or other devices. After that we can create Google login in website, Google share and all the services which you selected before. Next see how to add google login in your website including the user email using PHP SDK or PHP and Javascript SDK dynamically to get the user details including user email.

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