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Google provides API’s for use its services on our website using OAuth (Open Authorization). Google has released its OAuth2 for secured data such as emails. We can use the Google API in our website for integrate Google components such as Google login for your website, Open Authorization (OAuth), Gplus tools, Google maps and more. This tutorial will explain you how to integrate Google login in your website including user email. OAuth will not provide the user’s email for security and privacy purpose. OAuth2 allow us to get user email address during signin with Google account in your website. Login with google plus is very simple in PHP API. First of all download the Google API for PHP from here, and create a Google API in Google API Console. You can find the tutorial for How to create Google app here. After that you will get API Key, Client ID, Secret key and all. These things will be important for Integrate Google login in your website.

gplus login using with oauth2 in php including user email address by asif18

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